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Changes of Communication

            Nearly five hundred and fifty years ago, Johann Gutenberg revolutionized the world when he developed the first printing press with movable metal type in Europe in 1450. Five hundred years after the invention of the movable metal type printing press, the Internet was invented, a unique communication medium. On the Internet, people are not only consumers of contents but also creators of contents. .
             In general, there"re five kinds of communication medium in the modern society, which are books, newspaper, radio, TV and Internet.
             The newspaper is an easy and affordable way to share information and made news available to people on a daily bases. Then the radio where it introduced the power of the human voice including the emotions that accompany it. The radio served as a mass communication medium in two aspects, it delivered the intended news and information to a larger audience instantly, and it made the message behind the broadcast more believable for the mere fact it was produced by a human, who manipulated the presentation by embedding his emotions to serve his/her purpose. .
             The television then appeared to sweep the world off of its feet, and to bring to the masses the message plus the moving picture. The television became the mother of all mass communication mediums; it created a whole new spectrum of innovations, and it brought forgotten and unheard of sports and topics to the front line to be a part of our daily lives. .
             Presently, it seems that the Internet is playing a very important role in everyone's daily life. Like no other medium before, it allows individuals to express their ideas and opinions directly to a world audience. Also, it is digital based, unlike other four mediums, which are all analog. .
             Due to the freedom of the Internet various debates and protests have come to disagree with its open form of communication.

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