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Time for a Change in Communication

             Time for a Change in Communication .
             1. It is crucial to a professional working environment that all communications be precise, concise and easily understood by customers and employees alike. Never is it more crucial to maintain strong communications than when in the workplace. In all actuality, being able to maintain strong communications begins with being well trained and knowledgeable in the skills necessary to communicate properly. Not having strong communications is sure to cause misunderstanding, conflicts, and breakdowns in company relations.
             2. Companies that maintain strong communications, not just with customer but, within the company itself are more apt to having a strong positive reputation which not only makes for better business, but a more rewarding work environment. It is for this reason, that companies are encouraged to implement programs to improve communication skills for all employees. Programs that provide employee instruction in writing skills, ethics and employee empowerment can help make for a positive professional environment that in turn is a beneficial to company growth and employee satisfaction.
             Change 3.
             Writing Skills Training.
             3. "Association for Career & Technical Communications" is one such program. Written by Robert J. Kemmery and Harry James Cook of the Eastern Technical High School, Baltimore County, Maryland, it is considered to be highly successful in teaching the elements of technical documentation, writing consistency, coherency in understanding documentation, speech skills such as tone dictation and more. These skills are the fundamentals of what Kemmery and Cook term to be "TEAMWORK" (Kemmery and Cook, 2002, pg.

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