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Communication Systems in Large Organisations

            Communication Systems are similar in most organisations, large or small, public, private or community based. An organisation's communication network operates within the larger system, but it is the communication network that shapes and controls all other systems. This means that understanding the communication network is the key to managing and controlling most aspects of the organisation. .
             Herzberg argued that communication, with training, is one of the keys to successful motivation of employees. If employees are appropriately and clearly communicated with, they are more likely to become involved in the future success of the business.
             The implementation of new strategies depends upon the involvement and committment of the work force. This involvement can be gained and maintained through communication. The first stage in gaining this commitment has to be the passing of information, such as the aims and objectives of the business. Once these aims and objectives are understood by all levels within the hierarchy, then operations management systems can be put in place, that allow involvement of workers in achieving these aims.
             Corporate Communication Systems.
             Communication systems in an organisation can be classified as external or internal; vertical, horizontal or diagonal; and formal, semi-formal or informal. In this essay, I will focus on the subject of internal communication systems.
             Internal messages can move from the executive down to operations level and are exchanged constantly between departments. These messages are generally concerned with strategy and use of organisational resources. Internal channels can be subdivided into .
             the formal or official system.
             the semi formal or consultative system.
             informal systems.
             The formal communication system.
             The formal communication system is easily identified, because it uses official channels. The official lines of communication in an organisation are defined by the organisational chart.

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