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Dynamics of Web 2.0 in the Global Marketplace

             The emerging need for technology today becomes more and more apparent with every day uses. With the rapidly evolving progression of technological advancements in today society the next step was to ultimately connect ourselves through networks between broad spectrums of various demographics. 'Web 2.0' has provided the next platform for interaction and connectivity. It has changed the means by which businesses communicate and has changed the perception in bottom line strategic aims and how business approach marketing schemes through targeting. This essay is a critical evaluation of the growing concept of web 2.0 and it's uses within today organisations and how it can be seen as both a motive and negative externality. .
             Web 2.0 Uses and Application.
             The qualitative movement away from Web 1.0 and it's limiting status, brought forward emerging issues that web 2.0 seemed to optimise and solve. Web 2.0 makes businesses more productive and more competitive (Palmer, 1997). From an organisations point of view, it allows the release of valuable information that resides within (Barnes.2010/wiki cont.). Organisations adoption of web 2.0 has allowed them to gain a wider reach and understanding of influential impacts that may affect their means operations. Web 2.0 focus is on mutual maximisation through shared value through an organisation. From this a prospect of web 2.0 uses assist organisations to enhancing their businesses while sustaining their competitive advantage (Ghilchrist.2007). Small businesses means of remaining competitive have since been over shadowed and somewhat diminished by the emerging pressure opposed by large-scale organisation and more adaptive businesses. The aspect of social networking is driven by discussions and conversations and has become an increasing flip-side for small businesses to collaborate and influence other micro-businesses through creating 'virtual groups'. Businesses have now started forming online teams or groups as means of enhancing organisational capabilities.

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