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NET Platform versus Java 2 Enterprise

            Being two basic programming applications for web, Microsoft's .NET Framework and Sun's Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) components share the same goal. They aim to make it easier for organizations to develop high-quality software by providing a set of services, templates, and software development tools to facilitate application structure. However, each Framework attempts to accomplish these tasks differently. .
             IT managers would be wise to consider the qualities of each framework before making a decision. Once both solutions frameworks are fully released, the costs for switching between development platforms will be lower. Deciding which platform to use in an organization depends on a number of technical, organizational, and financial factors.
             This report evaluates .NET and J2EE, to determine which program the Ministry of Education should adapt. It analyzes and compares the functionally of the two platforms. A comparative analysis between .NET and J2EE will be done by using these criteria:.
             áP Language System.
             áP Restandardizing cost .
             áP Availability of Resources.
             áP Portability.
             2.0 ANALYSIS.
             2.1 What is .NET?.
             2.1.1 A New Framework.
             NET covers a wide range of features and technologies. .NET Framework is always connected to .NET. Part of .NET is really a run time called the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which applications are running. The CLR provides many of services for users' .NET applications regardless of the language used. These services are important because the functionality of CLR provides is available to any language and CLR can handle many complex and error tasks (Newcomer, 2002). In figure 1, .NET provides CLR for the user at the bottom, which hosts a number of base classes. Applications are built using those base classes, and the base classes are available to any of the .NET languages (Tan, 01). .
             2.1.2 Language System.
             Regarding to languages, Microsoft will ship Visual Studio .

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