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Java for Databases

             The Java language and more specifically the JDBC component of the platform has served to allow development of Database applications and applets since the JDK 1.1 release of the Java platform. Therefore when I concentrate on Java's capabilities in database access I am looking no earlier than this release. The part of the JDK I will be looking closely at is the JDBC which comprises all the classes associated with database connectivity.
             JAVA AND THE JDBC.
             Java has within it a set of classes known as the JDBC. It is essentially a tool set which gives Java applets and applications the functionality to access remote and local databases.
             If possible, excluding as much middleware between the client and server is the most ideal way to implement a JDBC database in terms of speed and efficiency. This requires however that the database being accessed is compatible with the JDBC class set. This is because in this form the client Java application is in direct communication with the Database server. The JDBC end of the application would be solely responsible for passing information from client to server and vice versa. The JDBC contains all the classes and methods that are required to establish this kind of system on a JDBC enabled database. The way it enables connection to a database can be broken down in to four main areas.
             Firstly there is the driver management section (java.sql.DriverManager). It is one of the key components of the API as it serves as a library in which all of the database connections can be stored and referenced. On execution of a programme / applet it will load all the drivers found in the jdbc.drivers system property. Such things as an Access or Oracle database may be defined by these drivers. However this process is not entirely static and new drivers can be called during run time if required.
             Secondly there is a class that handles database connections (java.sql.Connection). This class obtains the connection to a database through the appropriate system variable within the driver manager.

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