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Java Programming

            Summary of New Deployments in Computer Programming Languages.
             Department of Business Administration.
             Introduction 3.
             2. Java . 3.
             3. Dynamic HTML 4.
             4. JavaScript . 5.
             5. Perl . 6.
             6. Conclusion .7.
             7. Bibliography .8.
             Back in the day many people asked: "Is it possible to have a computer on every desk?" We now know that is possible, but those computers haven't necessarily been by approved their users. Today's computers are often inflexible: the average computer user can typically only change a limited set of options by a wizard, and is dependent on expert programmers for everything else. Since these expert programmers are always inventing new technologies what is the next big change that will happen, involving new developments in computer programs such as Java, DHTML, JavaScript and Perl.
             Java Programming.
             One of the most significant technological developments has been the introduction of several new kinds of languages and development tools for creating applications on the Internet and the World Wide Web. The information superhighway is the best thing in the computer industry today, but when the Internet and the Web first burst on the scene a couple years ago, it seemed completely separated from the traditional application development community in IT organizations. Just when programmers were getting used to client-server technology and languages Java changed every thing. To sum up, Java is an object-oriented programming language based on C++ that allows small programs to be embedded within an HTML document. When the user clicks on the appropriate part of the HTML page to retrieve it from a Web server, the applet is downloaded into the client workstation environment, where it begins executing. The Java Development Kit contains the following: The Java compiler, javac, which translates human-readable Java source code to architecture-neutral byte codes The Java interpreter, which executes Java programs on the user's PC or workstation.

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