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Everett Rogers - Diffusion of Innovation

            Al-Jabri and Sohail (2012) acknowledge that Roger's diffusion model is a reliable guide for practitioners. This is because Roger's framework gives its users a standard classification scheme for describing the leading attributes of innovation, using universal terms. The diffusion of innovations theory explains how, and the rate at which new ideas and technology spread through culture. According to Roger, diffusion is the rate at which an innovation is communicated through various channels over a specified period. The result of diffusion is that people adopt a new product, idea, or social system. In this case, adoption implies that people do things differently using the new product or service. Similarly the use of Web 2.0 tools in the society has undergone similar processes before its acceptance. The essential attributes to adoption are that people must perceive the idea, product, or behave or as innovative before the diffusion can take place.
             According to Rogers (1995), a decision of the innovation process takes place in five stages. This includes:.
             1. Knowledge.
             At this stage, an individual receives the required exposure leading to innovation, but lacks adequate information about how to implement the innovation. The inventors of Web 2.0 technology had to receive prior knowledge before the invention of the application in websites.
             2. Persuasion.
             This occurs when individuals form either a favorable or unfavorable attitude, towards the innovation. .
             3. Decision.
             When an individual makes a choice to engage in activities, which may result in adoption or rejection of the innovation, he/she makes decisions about implementing the innovation. This took place when the inventors of Web 2.0 tools, took the initiative to implement their ideas into workable solutions in websites.
             4. Implementation.
             This occurs when the innovator puts the innovation into practice.
             5. Confirmation.
             This takes place when an individual reinforces the innovation decision.

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