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Living the WiFi life

            This week's article focuses on the application of new technology. This article concerns the use of "wireless fidelity". The author advises "that WiFi is a popular name for equipment that meets a certified wireless radio networking standard (the proper name is 802.11)". He also states that it is the most popular and mature of several unlicensed wireless radio standards including ultra wide band, or UWB, Bluetooth, WiMas and Zigbee". The appeal for the use of this radio receptor/transmitter stems not from the short range this technology has demonstrated, but from a financial stand point. It is cheap because it uses an "unlicensed part of the radio spectrum originally reserved for industrial, scientific and medical uses and is very fast". The author advises that recently technological conglomerates are sinking large amounts of financing into this new technology factoring that it will succeed in emerging markets in hopes that it will carry the load of today's current continually expanding mobile consumer technology. The author advises that the president of "Cometa networks" Gary Weiss is on the cutting edge of this project as he wants to set up 20,000 commercial WiFi hotspots in 50 metro areas by the year 2005. Once the innovation is picked up Mr. Weiss expects that by "the year 2006-2007 users will get fast, seamless connections, indoor and out". He suggests that when that happens "communication providers and manufacturers will come at us with a zillion choices of service packages melding various combinations of WiFi, DSL, cable and cell". If he is right he stands to be right in the mix of things holding all the options of how much and who gets his services. The theory I found applied to me within this article is the "Diffusion of Innovation theory". Mr. Weiss is a true innovator who is seeking to market new technology. By finding a niche for his product he will have the ability to ascertain who receives what and how much compensation will need to provide such services.

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