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            The other essential part of the requirements for the Milly's bookstore is the networking and communications requirements. .
             Telecommunications .
             Based on Milly's problems, we think that she needs communication technology. It can make customers and herself convenient when they using or organising this books shop. A telecommunication is a system that transmits information, establishes an interface or path between senders and receivers, monitors and controls the messages, and controls the overall flow of information. Telecommunication systems can transmit text, graphic images, voice, or video information.
             After they set communication system, she and her staffs can solve problems requiring immediate like the order of some special books or the broken of security camera; they can online access to information like contact with supplier when they want to order new books and contact with customers if customers have any questions about the price or they can master market demanding trend (the trend of market demanding) through(or "on internet" better??) the internet; they can share information among(with??) different geographic locations; or they can transmit information from one location or one information system to another.
             The computer will be one for the managers, two for staffs, two for customers and the "server" in the communication system of the shop. A "server" means/refers to a distributing or transhipment centre which has the specific function in the communication system. For example, she can set a fax machine which can do receiving, storing, listing and processing of the fax for the manager, staffs and customers. In the other hand, she also can set a printer which can list and process the printing work for customers and staffs. Moreover, they can set an official file server so that the staff and manager can use this server administering the files, the application program, the data, and the security system.

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