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             Waste is unavoidable in any society, but now we produce more waste than ever before. Around the world, modern civilization has been stuffing its refuse into abandoned mines, canyons and even dumping it in the oceans. Some of it is being incinerated, releasing poisonous gases into the air. This problem is worse in the industrialized countries of the North than in the South, but with the spread of technology, industrialization and accompanying standards of living, the garbage factor is an unwelcome and often unnoticed side effect of "development.".
             The disposal of waste from domestic, industrial, and agricultural sources; a major environmental concern. Methods commonly used include burial in landfill sites and at sea, incineration (sometimes for power generation), and the production of refuse-derived fuel pellets, which can be used as an energy source.
             Energy is needed to produce the goods that we consume and to transport our products from one place to another. Energy also is the engine of industrial development. It is needed for transporting farmers' produce to markets, children to school, and people to their jobs. It is needed to run hospitals, to feed malnourished and growing populations, to create industries that can compete globally, and to provide households with lighting, heating, cooking and refrigeration.
             With the recent dramatic increases in energy prices, people in industrial countries have become more concerned about efficient energy use. In response, many techniques for conserving energy have developed over the past few years. The incineration plant is just one of many techniques of converting waste to energy. At the same time, the world is shifting toward less energy-intensive goods and services and encouraging the use of clean fuels. These developments are an improvement in the developed world, where the consumption of energy is inordinately high.

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