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Knowledge, Censorship and International Students

             The study explored the hypothesis that a major proportion of overseas students at Navitas English have little knowledge about censorship and they have strong opinions on which types of online content should or should not be censored. A questionnaire concerned with the scale of knowledge and attitudes toward internet censorship was conducted among 55 international students. The results indicate that almost every country worldwide was perceived to have political censorship on the internet in certain degree and international students have different criterions of evaluation of cyber-censorship. The report also concludes that overseas students tend to be more prudent on expressing their political opinions, although they admitted the importance of freedom on expression without a doubt. It is recommended that global media industry develops a more appropriate policy censoring specific content towards specific user group.
             Over the past several decades, along with the aggravation of geopolitical complication and the explosion of knowledge, there has been an indirect grow in the application of censorship. According to Oxford Dictionaries, censorship is the suppression of any type of publication which may be considered objectionable, immoral or a politically incorrect, as opposed to absolute transparency regarding public affairs. In modern times, one of the well-known historical events on censorship might be Chinese Cultural Revolution, which led to many different-idea holding politicians' death and destroyed a massive number of books considered to include reactionary contents (Wang, 1997). However, due to the development of internet, the priority of censorship has been shifted from traditional media to social media on the internet, which is placing a tremendous strain on individual's extent of freedom and there is every indication that this trend will continue.
             Several studies have been conducted on the extent of knowledge and views on censorship among the general public.

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