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College Students and Class Attendance

             Professors are trying different ideas to find out if showing up for class really affects students' grades. Some professors are making attendance a portion of their students' grades. The ones that do so, think it helps first year students develop good habits with college being new to them. The sort of student that attended college classes most as difficult to figure out. The only small factor was gender, with men tending to skip class more than women. Some students choose to skip class if they can get the same information online as they can in class. As said in the article, professors are trying to encourage students to come to class more often by making their classes more entertaining. .
             I agree that professors should take attendance as a part of the students' grade. With attendance being a part of their grade, I think it'll encourage students to come to class more often. Students that go to class will get more involved with their courses than just doing them quickly online. Mr. O'Donnell says in the article that attendance is a simple way to show that your education is important. Also making attendance a part of their grade, it can develop good habits with first year students. I think it's good that professors are starting to count attendance as a grade to have proof that it actually improves students' grades.
             There are multiple benefits for the students that have their attendance graded. A great benefit about attending class is that the professor gives hints out to what's most important. There's still a lot of research left to do on attendance being graded and if it really is helpful towards the students. Statistically authors don't know what sort of students attend college classes the most, gender was the only one with a small difference of women attending class more than men. Whether students had good or bad grades in high school and on standardized test it didn't reflect on who attended class the most.

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