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High School VS. College

             Attending college is a shocking difference compared to high school. Often we tend to look back at high school, wishing things were the same in college. Students realize now that they are attending a more mature institution making them realize they have bigger responsibilities. The differences in high school versus college consist of personal freedom, the classes, teachers or professors, studying, tests, and finally the grades.
             In high school we are more structured that college, which tends to address our personal freedom. High school is mandatory and free, unlike college which is voluntary and very expensive. Time is usually structured by others in high school, whereas in college you manage your own time. In high school, you need permission to participate in extra-curricular activities, whereas in college you are of legal age, allowing you to decide whether to participate in activities. Money is needed for special purchases or events, however, you need money to pay for basic necessities in college. We become dependent on parents and teachers to remind us of our responsibilities and help us set priorities, whereas, in college we are faced with many moral and ethical decisions we have not previously faced, and must balance our responsibilities and set priorities. In high school we are told what our responsibilities are and are corrected if our behavior is out of line, in contrast to college, where we are responsible for what we do and do not do, as well as for the consequences of our decisions.
             Next there is the difference in structure of classes. In high school, every day you proceed from one class directly to another, whereas in college, you often have hours between classes. Six hours a day and thirty hours per week are spent in high school classrooms. On the other hand, you spend twelve to sixteen hours each week in college classes. Most classes are arranged for you in high school, unlike in college, where you arrange your own schedule with an academic advisor.

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