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High School vs. College

             Education plays in important role in all our lives. Many of us will spend all our lives in school in order to get the education we needed for a certain career we wanted to pursue. All those years in school are mainly focused during your high school and college years. Majority of the students could not wait to get out of high school and get into college. High school and college are different in many ways.
             The first difference I noticed right away was the fact that you do not have all of your classes every day of the week. In high school, you had anywhere from four to seven classes every day. They were not very long, but they give you homework almost every night. In college, however, you normally have about four classes a day. Some of the classes met twice a week, and others met three times a week. This gave you more time to do the assigned homework and more class time to ask questions or take notes on lectures.
             The second major difference was the attitude and the appearance of the teachers. In high school, the teachers were always worried about discipline most of the time instead of teaching. In college, the teachers act as if they could care less what you do, but you know they really do care. That is probably because it is not their money you are wasting. You are just wasting your money when you go in there and just goof to off. College teachers will just tell you to leave if you are disturbing the rest of the class. High school teachers would go through all the trouble of writing up you up or sending you to detention.
             Another major difference is the immaturity among the students during high school. You will usually be told what your responsibilities are and corrected if your behavior is out of line. Students in high school always tend to be starting some sort of trouble. Starting fights and spreading rumors are part of the common activities among some students during school times. This might be because of the juvenile age and how childish they can be.

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