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             How would you feel if you were denied college admission and were to later find out that a minority with lesser qualifications got your spot? This happens every year to thousands of the majority class applicants into college. The colleges that do this are using the policy called affirmative action. Affirmative action is the compensatory act to overcome the consequences of the past and to encourage greater diversity in today's society. It is the "politically correct" form of saying that we are discriminating on you, the majority class, but it's for the cause of diversity. Affirmative action is an ongoing movement with civil rights activists and it now applies to 2/3 of the nation. Colleges and universities are "battlegrounds" for such advancements with this policy and now its time to see that it be ended. Affirmative action should be banned and college admissions shouldn't take into consideration an applicant's race or ethnicity, just the scholastic achievements which they have procured throughout their high school years.
             Affirmative action was brought into being after the 1954 case of Brown vs. Board of Education. Within ten years of the case's dramatic judicial decision, Congress began to support the federal courts notions, along with the effective civil rights legislation, to outlaw a number of discriminatory practices in the private sectors of society. To do this, Congress would withhold federal grants-in-aid to those governments, schools, or private employers that did not partake in these new legislative policies, with the hopes to enforcing these new civil rights laws. From this point, civil rights developed in two ways: expanding its definition to include victims of discrimination other than African Americans and this definition also became positive (Lowi, Ginsberg, and Shepsle 146). This is where affirmative action became an official term. Thereby, the term affirmative action was created by judicial decisions, congressional statutes, and administrative agency actions.

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