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College Sports

            According a recent survey from Fresno Bee, 68% of American college student is having sports on campus. It indicated that college sports take an important part of American university life. Student, besides of getting knowledge from college classes, they can also gain the personal enrichment outside the classroom through college sports. College sports have variety of advantages. The major advantages of having college sports on campus are psychological, and sociological benefits to student.
             Psychological benefits are maximizes student's esteem self-confidence, goal setting, and self-discipline. Every student has his or her individual differences, he or she may good at academic work, at sports, or at other areas. Getting participated in college sports on campus, student can find their individual differences besides of academic; learn about their own limits, abilities and interest. Once student transcend their individual differences, it helps to maximize student's esteem self-confidence. Moreover, experiences gain from college sports" competition, can help student to develop their mental toughness by learning how to win or lose with grace, and set a goal. Sports can promote health; it can help to decrease the chances of heart attacks, strokes, back problems, and other health problems. Also, a healthy body is definitely related to a healthy mind. A healthy mind can help to maximize student's self-discipline. .
             Sociological benefits are built up student's communication skill, teamwork skill, and the idea of equalitarianism. The first year in college is a new life for all freshmen; everything in college is unfamiliar for them. To make some friends in college, joining college sports is the best way for new student. By interact with other students and staff members through college sports; it helps to build up communication skill for student. Mostly, sports require work in-group, or partnership; it helps to teach the value of teamwork, and enhance the sense of community.

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