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College Athletes should be paid to play sports

            "It is the athlete that the school markets on and off the court or field. It's the athlete that brings millions of dollars into the schools. It's the athlete that pays for many of the school functions" (Should College Athletes Be Paid 2). The athletes are not just normal students they are over achievers. College Athletics is one of America's favorite things and it's also one of the biggest businesses in the world. College Athletes should be paid to play sports because of the profit they bring in and because of their tremendous efforts.
             To begin with, the amount of money that each team brings in is outstanding. There are about five to seven home games for every Division 1A school, which are aired on television. "Each ticket is about thirty dollars and the stadium seats about seventy-five thousand people. The profit for every home game is around two hundred twenty-five million dollars and the profit for the entire season would be between eleven hundred twenty-five and fifteen hundred seventy-five million dollars" (Should College Athletes Be Paid 1). Those estimates are just for football alone and there are many other sports that generate just as much. Some of the other sports are baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. .
             Subsequently, "In the past twenty three years, the NCAA's total revenues have increased by 8,000 percent and their contract with CBS for rights to Division 1A tournaments is bigger than any single professional sports league deal with any other network" (Research Finds Greed .
             Rodriguez 2.
             1). College Athletics today is a billion dollar industry in which the athletes are a big part of. "Division 1 schools generate almost two billion dollars in annual revenue-twice the amount of .
             money that the Department of Defense pays colleges" (Research Finds Greed 2). They generate money for the schools in many ways. Some ways are by endorsements, ticket sales, making .

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