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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

            Just like any field, you go to college to perfect your skills and learn about the different jobs in the field you are pursuing. College sports are no different from this. In collegiate sports you play to get to become a professional, not to earn a paycheck as a student. However, college athletes should receive some kind of compensation for their hard work and dedication, like the possibility of other compensations such as money to cover trips home or laundry. The overall feelings are clear that the student athlete has the right to choose whether to attend college or not based on what is being offered and they can choose not to go to school if that is their desire. However, college athletes are not professionals and therefore should not be paid. The purpose of going to college is to get training and knowledge for a career that you will pursue in your future. That's what the National Collegiate Athlete Association provides. Athletes play at the college level and they further use that experience at the professional level where they will be paid. The reality is though, that there is more than just actual money in hand available to college athletes if they take full advantage of their opportunities. .
             As athletes, these students are not held to the same standard as other students. The biggest universities give the athletes the best gyms to workout in, free health insurance for injuries, transportation, food, equipment and most importantly free tuition. That in itself is a payment for three to four years. Would college athletes rather not be provided with such great services and be paid a salary? Although college athletes are not paid with capital, colleges are compensating their athletes with the availability of world renowned coaching, athletic trainers, medical support, educational costs, and room and board that can value up to "one hundred thousand dollars per year."(Dorfman par.

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