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Sports and Media

            The definition of our modern day heroes have definitely evolved over time. Skateboard legend Tony Hawk- once known as a menace to the streets by destroying public property- is now revered along side future hall of fame sports icons such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and even San Francisco Giants MVP slugger Barry Bonds. Although some may still be skeptical, many alternative perspectives on sports in general has greatly evolved with popular culture. As the focus on sports media coverage has diversified along with the growing influence of the media, sports broadcast content has grown in its effects. The sports content that we find in our everyday newspaper, television, internet or radio has inevitably caused a great amount of positive and negative influences to its audience. Such societal effects are significant for they demonstrate the power of the media in its vast influences. A constructive product of this growing fusion between the media vehicle and sports content could be the promotion and growth of sports events that are covered by the media. It is evident that sports coverage has encouraged the growth and popularity of both traditional and "new" or "extreme" sports events. It has also encouraged the development of mythical sports icons through this un-daunting publicity. While it is apparent that sports in media have encouraged several positive results, it is not to say that it does not have its negative effects. The commercialism that has been brought by the extensive publicity has under minded some of the competitive spirit of some athletes. Profits and payoffs are hard incentives to ignore for an athlete since it is greed that rules this harsh business like world. .
             The most positive outcome that the media has brought to the sports arena is its widening promotion to sports fans composing of different nationalities. Making the game more global and not just locally and nationally popular.

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