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From High School Sports To Professional Sports

             From High School Sports To Professional Sports.
             High school student athletes should not be allowed to enter into professional sports until they have acquired all requirements qualified for the graduation of a college degree.
             Many high school athletes have been taught from an early age, that if they want to continue to play sports that they should be mindful that their education is very important. Then for one reason or another many people; such as shoe companies, professional teams, and clothing companies explore athletes for their own cause. Money is really the root of every thing that is going on. I believe that student/ athletes should remain in school through four years of college mainly because in everything we do in life there is a process in which a individual must be groomed and giving a chance to grow. When kids who play sports in school are made to believe that money is the only thing that matters, we will have to conclude that in days to come, we will have many rich, dumb athletes in our society. High schools are not mature enough to handle the fame that comes alone with professional sports. Many girls and boys from age fifteen to nineteen are not emotionally strong enough to handle the media and all the pressure that comes along with fame. They have not been properly taught how to handle and therefore it is wrong to push them along just for the cause of money. If one of the these athletes breaks a leg or some other mishap comes along, they will not have any foundation to fall back on, and the program that they are apart of will only begin to look pass them to find someone else to take their place.
             We must encourage them to desire the college life, because it is at this time when they are taught how to live on their own, and how to appreciate the times when there may be days of lack. We, as a society, should encourage all student/ athletes in high school to enter and finish college, through making laws that promote the same education that was mandatory for them to even play in high school.

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