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Sports, Violence and Deviance

            In today's sports world, athletes compete in an environment that is now played at intensity levels like never before. The adrenaline pumping, sweat making, heat beating sporting events we all love to watch and cheer for sometimes take turns for the worst when in the heat of them moment tempers flare. When news make it around some sporting outbursts are made out to be worst then what they are really are. The perception that the public gets from violence within sports comes from how it is presented to us by the media. The competitiveness of the athletes, along with the roar of the fans, and eventually the assistance of the media is what comes together to give us the real violence that we see today.
             Playing sports is a passion for a lot of people throughout their lives including myself. Anyone who plays or has played sports before knows that during a game the tensions can get thin and before you know it pushing and shoving begins. Even though fights could break out during a game of physical play they usually reside to little to nothing when the game is over. Recently some professional athletes very involved in domestic violence incidents and were publicized as criminals for the things they had done. Social media, newsletters, and headlines also play a roles in the way that these players are displayed to their fans and how they show everyone what they life they live in is like (Woods). I chose this topic because it not only gets into different branches of deviance but also develops around an area that interest me. .
             First, players who participate in violent sports have been said to have aggressiveness when they are not on the field. "Sports such as football, basketball, and baseball provide players with a certain status in society," Kreager said. "But football and wrestling are associated with violent behavior because both sports involve some physical domination of the opponent, which is rewarded by the fans, coaches and other players (Is Violence in Sports Inevitable?)" This to people who work within the organization may not be considered deviant when they act aggressive outside of their workplace.

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