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Bullying at Schools

             Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem. Bullying used to be considered a part of growing up- unpleasant but unavoidable. The law now recognizes that bullying at school can ruin many people's life. Bullying is compromised of direct behaviors such as teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, stealing that are initiated by one or more student against a victim. In addition to direct attacks, bullying can also be indirect bullying. While boys are usually engaged in direct bullying, girls are more engaged indirect bullying strategies such as spreading rumors and enacting social isolation. .
             Teenage years are the only time when youth may encounter violent behavior. Usually aggressive behavior and bullying are even more common in high school and universities than in junior school or elementary school. Bullying is often very physical in nature, with open attacks of aggression being the most common. Boys are more likely to be doing the bullying and both boys and girls are equally likely to be victims. The goal of a bully is to gain control over another child through physical or verbal aggression. The articles," Big school, Big trauma" and "starting school", tells us that the minds of children are filled with the fear of being bullied. In the first article the authors tells us that along with children, parents are also nervous to send their children's to high school, "less confident are worried about everything, to fights on the bus , .pushing of heads in the down toilets.". In the second article, the child tells us that he is worried about " people coming up in big gangs and being nasty. Hopefully, they wont get me!".
             While living in societies where power is admired and in which violent film, televisions, cyberspace, and video game heroes regularly conquer their foes accompanied by fan admiration of violence in sports, it is from these sources that many children have learned to imitate. It is possible that bullies might enjoy more respect or admiration from their peers; bullying behavior, especially among boys, can often be considered normal behavior amongst them.

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