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Perspectives on Bullying

             Eighty-seven percent of students claim that shootings are motivated by a desire to get back at the people who hurt them. All this time the un-ending gloom and loneliness of in a modern day youth's heart is the most deadly and uncontrollable weapon of all. As a nation we have placing far too much blame on the media as we tend to believe that violence shown publically will influence the younger generations to commit terrible crimes, but the truth is that we should really blame the social circumstances.
             Of course it's not as though we haven't tried to elimate bullying, but most people's solutions to the bullying pandemic either drag out the problem almost to say it will disappear over time. However, if we educate ourselves in bullying we may be able to entirely do away with the archaic concept altogether. We need to entirely change how we operate as a society if we wish to create a safe environment by learning the history behind bullying, debunk certain misconceptions society has about bullying, highlight different types of bullying, as well as stop and prevent all bullying.
             History of bullying.
             Bullying has been an issue for a long time. In the 18th century, peer-on-peer harassment was commonly seen and was seen as socially normal (Koo, 2007). Most of the bullies behavior was not considered violent, but rather mischievous and a normal part of boyhood. Bullying was thought of as an innocent "misadventure" or "misbehavior" among schoolboys (Koo, 2007). This type of bullying was clearly observed during the 18th centuary at King's Boarding School in the U.K when a twelve-year old boy was killed from bullying behaviors by his older classmates, but the kids we're not held responsible for their actions as it was seen a "normal misadventure for boys" (Koo, 2007). Society became aware that these behaviors can cause harm through a Time article that talked about a soldier who killed himself due to verbal onslaught (Koo, 2007).

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