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Teen Depression and Suicide

             Teen depression and suicide in our society is an issue that keeps growing and concerning multiple generations. This global issue has been going on for a long time but only recently, it is being talked about more and the awareness has increased. This social issue affects the success rates in adolescent hood, breaking apart families, impacting younger children, and creating a domino effect for other mental health issues. A lot of people still do not see that depression is such a large problem and this mental illness, amongst others, is causing teenagers to commit suicide. Apter (2010) states that "Adolescent suicide and suicidal behaviours have become a major public health issues in recent years" (p. 271). There are many factors leading teens to becoming depressed such as parental issues, bullying, relationship problems, stress of any kind and it can also be passed down by genetics. These factors can also lead teens to commit suicide according to Apter (2010) "Social risk factors for adolescent suicide include parental separation, divorce, and family discord, as well as child abuse and imitation. Media reporting and, naturally, alcohol and drug abuse are also important facilitators of suicide among young people. Bullying and peer victimization are extremely dangerous precipitators" (p. 271). Suicide rates in our country are rising and getting out of hand, "Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young Canadians (10–19 years of age) - a disturbing trend that has shown little improvement in recent years" (Skinner, 2012, p. 1029). Society tends to ignore these social issues and is afraid to mention the word "suicide" and "depression". Of course they are sensitive topics but that does not mean they cannot be discussed. To start solving this problem, it must be talked about and not silenced. Society's reaction should be fearful of these issues, but that fear should turn into motivation and drive to help teenagers battle these issues.

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