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Physical and Verbal Bullying

            2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Bullying is not only physical but is also a verbal act. Physical bullying usually lessens after high school while on the contraire verbal abuse often times continue throughout adulthood. Bullying has become a very negative and painful epidemic in today's society. Many children are being bullied at school/college, in the workplace, and through social media. When interviewing eight year old Sierra about the bullies in her elementary school she went on to tell me that she and her friend had been victims of bullying earlier in the school year. Though she and her friend were not being physically bullied, they were verbally being picked on by another student because of their hair. With them only being eight years old they are at a very impressionable age, thus this could have mentally scarred them because they don't look like all of the other younger girls in their class. This is a prime example that bullying starts at a young age and certain measures should be taken or put into place to end it, such as punishments or other disciplinary actions. You never know what a person may be going through or how weak or strong minded a person is. With this in mind actions should first be taken in the home and parents should be educated on bullying so that they can explain to their children in depth and how it can be detrimental to someone's life. .
             According to the article Lurking in the Shadows workplace bullying is usually in form of discrimination, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse. When bully occurs in the workplace it reflects in the productiveness of that company. Meaning the work that is being produced is done poorly. In interviewing Angie, a homosexual woman who prefers to dress like a man, she stated that there was a time that she had trouble looking for work. She elaborated by saying that employers wouldn't out right tell her that they didn't want to hire her because of her sexual orientation but they would say things such as "she wasn't a good candidate" or tell her they would contact her for a second interview and never do so.

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