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The Effects of Workplace Bullying

            The angle of this essay will focus on the matter of workplace bullying from an eliminative standpoint. Workplace bullying, as any other form of bullying, is a negative behaviour taken up by some that leads to others' detriment. Workplace bullying does not have a specific definition, as bullying behaviours may come in many different forms, but general workplace incivility could be broadly defined as workplace bullying. Although lacking a specific definition, it is agreed that workplace bullying is a negative behaviour and thus the general aim is to minimize it because of its harmful effects on employees' psychological health and workplace efficacy. This paper will discuss how workplace bullying negatively affects employees' psychological health, thereby affecting their efficiency and output at work, which in total adversely affects society's functioning.
             Workplace Bullying and Psychological Ill Health.
             The first effect of workplace bullying to be discussed is its psychological impact on the victims. Being subject to incivility and negative treatment will undoubtedly affect the victims' security, self-esteem, and identity, amongst other things. The absence of respect from their workplace environment and presence of direct harm from their colleagues will contribute to an unhealthy psychological make-up. After bullying, victims commonly report increased levels of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, aggression, and burn-out. Name-calling, teasing, and public humiliation are a few examples of workplace bullying but the forms most commonly correlated with the strongest psychological ill health effects are: attacks on privacy and personal derogation (Maarit, 2001). A rationale for that was not introduced but perhaps attacks on privacy are related to a greater loss of personal safety and workplace identity. Personal derogation can include name-calling, insults, and general verbal abuse, all of which are diminishing to an individual's sense of self-worth and esteem.

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