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A Good Leader - Lord of the Flies

            Savagery proves as the animalistic beast that rests within humanity that corrupts order and progress since the dawn of civilization. Savagery includes the cruel and inhumane characteristics of greed, recklessness, and brutality that creates cracks in "order" and destroys society. In the novel "Lord of the Flies," William Golding claims how humanity proves inherently evil and often finds itself committing savage acts. However, this often does not prove as the case due to the effectiveness of good leaders, who help keep anarchy from running rampant and society in order. A good leader comprises of a person who proves as confident, with the ability to delegate, as well as win over the people he/she leads.
             Confidence proves necessary in winning support of the people; confidence also proves vital for many other aspects of leadership. For a leader to maintain control, confidence proves vital in helping to cement the leader as the ideal ruler. Many people can lead when things run smoothly; however when despair strikes society, people revert to savagery in order to survive. In spite of this a leader can control the situation with his or her confidence. When a ruler remains calm and shows confidence in times of despair, the ruler becomes looked up to as a beacon of hope that helps to keep the followers calm. In Lord of the Flies, chief of the boys, Ralph, fails to maintain his confidence. The boys start to revert to savage actions when the "beast" strikes fear and chaos into the boys. Ralph displays his lack of confidence when he offers, "All right. Who wants to climb the mountain now?" (Golding 119). When Ralph asks the boys who wants to go up the mountain, he displays weakness as all the other boys already displayed they fear the climb and the beast. So when Ralph does not go up himself he shows fear which Jack used to exploit him as a coward and weaken his leadership. Ralph did not prove his bravery to the boys and started to implant seeds of doubt as people can only support a leader for so long.

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