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Lord of the Flies

             Lord of the Flies written by William Golding requires the reader to inquire about people being inherently good or evil. William Golding writing Lord of the Flies proved that people or inherently good or evil by creating a scenario when human beings are but in their native habitat and having to rely on themselves to live. .
             Crash landing on a deserted island, a plane for of children and the pilot make there home on the island and wait to get rescued. Ralph a fair haired handsome young man is appointed leader by the other kids. This causes a conflict between Ralph and Jack. Jack also wanted to be leader of the "tribe" but nobody wanted him to be leader. Jack already being the leader in the school band thought that he could also lead the tribe which did not happen. This conflict is caused by hate and envy that Jack shows towards Ralph; this creates a good and evil scenario. Jack defies everything that Ralph says to do. Jack becomes this blood thirsty savage that cannot live under others law and must create his own. Jack makes his own tribe and most of the littluns went with because he is all about having fun and hunting instead of thinking about how to get back to civilization like Ralph is. Jack causes two murders because of his wanting of power and blood. Ralph tries to save the tribe from his blood shed and it becomes a war between Ralph and Jack or a battle between good and evil. During this they get rescued good triumphs over evil. .
             Golding proves that people are inherently good or evil because what this novel is about what you have to do to survive and whatever your vision maybe could be perceived as good or evil. In Jack's head everything he was doing was good and beneficial to him but in everyone else eyes he wasn't doing the right thing. This goes for Ralph also but what he was doing was actually the right thing to do. If you"re put in a certain environment they way of thinking has to change.

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