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Lord of the Flies

            Lord of the Flies is a bizarre, but extraordinary book put together by William Golding during World War 2. It is set during the war on an island in the middle of the ocean without any link to the world. The story starts of by a plane full of English boys crashing. Nobody has a clue of what has happened or where the plane crashed. Even outside in England no one knows what happened. Here the boys between ages three and fourteen start of to help each other out just like adults would do. But towards the end they turn into savages just like the people fighting the war. In this book Golding has many themes about life and the human way. With power comes great responsibility, but which can cause anyone to become selfish and evil. .
             Through out the world, all around us there are symbols. Every symbol for objects means different things and can be interpreted in different ways. Lord of the flies in a Christians life means something, which0 in the book means the same thing. "Lord of the Flies" is a translation of the name of the biblical Beelzebub, a powerful demon in hell sometimes thought to be the devil himself. Since in the book the Lord of the Flies are around the pigs head, which is on a Stick sharpened on both ends, what does a stick sharpened on to ends mean to us? In medieval England usually a head was put on a pike (a stick sharpened on both ends) to show the meaning of strength. It was also a sign for people to be aware. But now when you think of this stick you may think of danger or that something evil will happen. Something that is appalling. When you think of it deeper it could show that neither enemy's can escape each others grasp. Also there will be death to both sides, because when you stab your enemy the other end stabs you in a way also.
             Including the book now, Lord of the Flies is just an addition to the ying and yang on the island (good and evil). Since lord of the flies in real life means the devil and we know that Simon represents Christ.

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