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Lord Of The Flies

             I found it is sort of a cross between Alive and Hatchet. Because the book is really addictive and written so excellent, it did not take me long to get into the book, which is something I usually have a problem doing. .
             The characters were sped perfectly; no one character was like the other. They all had there own role to play and with that there own set of elements in Lord of the Flies. All the boys were British and then obviously male. The young boys in this story portray the savage and cruel nature that all but a few boys give in to. The other boys are the only symbol of sanity on the island. I also think that the relationship between Ralph and Jack is most interesting. In away it reminds me of the endless struggle between good (Jack) and evil (Ralph). Still each of them shows signs of not being on one side completely. Remember they are only kids. The ending of the novel ends with a gut-wrenching showdown between the two. .
             The only thing I didn't like about this book is that sometimes Golding's writing style was a little hard to understand and follow. The main problem was that the boy's British accents made it difficult to understand what they meant, while English and British are pretty much the same it was the slang that they used that got me. This problem appeared in few spots for the most part the book was easy to read. I think that males would enjoy this book mainly because of the fact that all the characters were boys. It also appeals to a person with good literary understanding who can understand Golding's symbolism, there is a lot of it. I thought that this book could have mad a great movie with all the visualization that takes place. .
             My favorite character in the book would have to be Simon. Simon is odd boy in that he likes to be alone and take long walks into the jungle while most of the other boys play. I often feel like that too, you know just time to reflect. He also discovers the beast that every one on the island fears.

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