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lord of the flies

            The novel Lord of the Flies and the television show Survivor, when analyzed, are similar in many aspects. The plots both pertain to the obtaining of power and control. The settings have similar ideas but differ in certain ways. The characters also exhibit similarities. Simon from Lord of the Flies and Dirk from Survivor both have strong spiritual beliefs. Jack and Rich are alike because they are responsible for supplying the food on their islands. Two similar themes are that both in the novel and on the show alliances are formed then later broken. These similarities will be further analyzed and explained in the following paragraphs. .
             The novel Lord of the Flies and the TV show Survivor show how every human being, whether young or old, want to gain power and have control over other human beings. In Lord of the Flies, all of the boys stranded on the island were under thirteen. Since there were no adults on the island, Jack and Ralph, the two eldest boys of the group began to fight over who would be crowned chief. Due to the arguing and fighting, an alliance forms. Two groups are formed, with Jack the leader of "The hunters" and Ralph the understood leader of Sam and Eric, Piggy, and Simon. Throughout the novel Jack and "the hunters" try to sabotage and gain control over Ralph and his group. Jack and "the hunters" attack Ralph and his group and steal Piggy's glasses. Since Piggy cannot see without them, he convinces Ralph to accompany him to the hunters" camp to confront Jack and retrieve his glasses. While Jack and Ralph are arguing, Piggy is killed by a boulder that falls on him after Roger, a hunter, pushes it over a cliff. Jack, Roger and "the hunters" felt threatened by Ralph and Piggy and in order to gain complete control, Roger, in an attempt to scare them off, ultimately killed Piggy. In Survivor, alliances are also formed. Through these alliances, castaways agree to team up and vote others off the show.

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