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Lord Of The Flies

             How would a leader be defined? According to Webster a leader is A person who leads others along a way: a guide. But William Golding author of Lord of the Flies seems to have different meanings of a leader and three characters are good examples of his type of leader: Ralph, Jack, and Piggy. These three leaders have proven to be leaders; each of them to a different extent but stills all showed leadership in different ways.
             A leader is straightforward and does not seem like it can be confusing, but it can and is in this story. For example: Piggy is a whole different type of leader, one who isn't the guide of his political party but still is an leader. His strengths are small but he was a leader.
             Was Ralph a good leader? Ralph showed the most leadership on the island. He had taken control from the beginning of the story. He steps up a democratic government; he tired to make things fair and tried his hardest to get rescued. Like a democratic government there is the problem of freedom, how much freedom do the kids on the island get? When Ralph tried to put his foot down they would just ignore him; For example: "If I blow it then, they won't come back." At that point Ralph realized that his government was powerless, like the government of the United States when it was first under the Articles of Confederation (Useless; could make laws but never had the power of passing them). The only difference was how the Untied States made a change and how the boys changed. The Untied States wanted to improve the ideas of the Articles but the boys overthrew their government and created a military regime.
             Jack's take over was not civilized but who heard of a civilized government take over. With further look at his take over it was a very clean one compared to other government take over, which normally led to some type of bloodshed. Some may actually look at Jack and even call him civilized to a certain extent.

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