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Racism in the Workplace

             Ideally, individuals perform well in supportive environments. Workplace settings that perpetuate different forms of inequality have far reaching implications on the productivity and general wellbeing of employees. There are various legal provisions that prohibit discriminatory practices at the work place. Regardless of this, statistical evidence indicates that a significant percentage of employees suffer different forms of prejudice at the workplace. Reportedly, 41% to 76% of employees from minority factions grapple racism (Roscigno, 2007). Racism constitutes practices and behaviors as well as related prejudices and beliefs that culminate in race based discrimination. These manifest themselves at different stages including hiring, promotion, retention, compensation, and recruitment. .
             Fundamentally, majority populations often seek to maintain authoritative power positions in institutions. In pursuit of these interests, they exclude individuals of different racial groups and provide opportunities for persons that they share common characteristics. Resultantly, one group suffers the negative implications of racial discrimination and is denied a chance to share in available opportunities. In most instances discriminatory practices on the basis of race by majority facets of the population are triggered by individual animosity towards minority groups. However, institutional pressures also perpetuate the practices. Hite (2006) defines racial micro-aggressions as acts of malice and aggression that are directed towards persons of color. They are harmful and cause devastating effects on the holistic well being of the victims. .
             Racial discrimination in the modern workplaces occurs through stereotyping and prejudice. Stereotypes constitute of certain beliefs regarding the characteristics and nature of particular groups based on race. Since these tend to be exaggerated and untrue, they contribute to discrimination especially at the workplace.

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