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Affirmative Action in the Workplace

             Kennedy introduced the term "affirmative action"" via Executive Order 10925. First used in federal government contracting, affirmative action was implemented to address discrimination that was prevalent in the workplace despite the civil rights movement. "he intent of this executive order was to affirm the government's commitment to equal opportunity for all qualified persons, and to take positive action to strengthen efforts to realize true equal opportunity for all. " (A Brief History of Affirmative Action, 2010) The purpose of affirmative action is in line with St. Leo's core value of respect. Looking past race, creed, color or national origin and recognizing individuals for their strengths, diversity and allowing for enhancements to the workplace by a working together and fostering a free exchange of ideas. Affirmative action was created to put equality into action instead of just an idea.
             It was President Lyndon Johnson who in 1965 issued Executive Order 11246, extending the reach of affirmative action and added sex. This meant equality for women and minorities. It expanded from being required with just government contracting. Affirmative action is now mandated for public employment, education and contracting. The concept of affirmative action was to create equal opportunities for everyone. Despite civil rights laws the government clearly felt the need to mandate affirmative action to fight discrimination. This was developed as a temporary solution, but the facts are that discrimination continues to be a problem in America today. "A study found that black job applicants without a criminal record were no more likely to receive a callback from employers than were white applicants with a felony conviction"" (History on Affirmative Action). This is why affirmative action still exists. The government realizes that we do not live in a colorblind world and therefore feel the need to keep affirmative action regulations.

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