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Racism Summary

            The term racism can be identified as a doctrine that accepts biological differences among various races should determine cultural or individual issues and because of some natural causes one race is superior to others and has the right of ruling over them.Racism exists since people confronted with other communities that makes it as old as human history.Racist actions went down in history as a shame such as Holocaust and Srebrenica massacre.Unfortunately, although there are significant developments for human rights racism continues even in most developed counturies.It can be only said discrimination based on race evolved into a 'modern' aspect that is appropriate to 'modern' world .As Sherman(2000) claimed modern racism is transformed from a hostile attitude towards 'the others' to a more masked prejudicial attitude.This modern racism is more difficult to realize; however ,its consequences might be more dangerous.Masked modern racism is made in favour of a politically correct racism through a 'polite' way.Therefore, it is obvious racism still exists today.
             Some may argue that racism is over today.It is the contention of these supporters who claims there cannot be racism because all kind of racial discrimination is banned officially.Yet,this approach is somewhat mistaken.People's emotions and thoughts cannot be prevented by any legislation.Because racism is a belief and thought it continues to exist under the mask of freedom of speech.Also,another point against racism is that they assume thanks to these laws racist actions are punished and hate crimes are decreasing.However,it is open to debate because Shah(2010) pointed out the research of Inter Press Service saying that ''far from being a fringe activity, racism, violence and neo-nationalism have became normal in some communities'' to emphasize the rise of neo-Nazism in 2000 in Europe(para.8).Thus, legal arrangements are not enough to stop some neo-Nazi groups and hate organizations such as Ku Ku Klan(KKK).

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