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House on Mango Street

             Stealing is morally incorrect even if you are in a state of extreme poverty and need certain necessities. You should work for your possessions instead of acquiring them in an illegal manner. It is not wrong to ride in a stolen car if you had no prior knowledge that the automobile that you are currently situated in was stolen. So if you had no knowledge that a car was stolen and you decided to ride in that car then you are innocent. Esperanza and the other individuals committed a crime by riding in the Cadillac because they had irrefutable knowledge that the car was indeed stolen. The children in Esperanza's neighborhood are accustomed to crime because they've grown up in the slums were crime is prevalent. I think the message that this chapter is trying to promulgate is that aiding and abetting in illegal activities is in itself illicit. So in essence, the theme of this chapter is that you shouldn't participate in illegal activities even if you didn't incite or instigate it.
             2. Esperanza admires Marin because she is older, beautiful and wears dark nylons and makeup to make her attractive. Esperanza is also fascinated with Marin because she seems to have a plethora of knowledge about boys and has a radiance and aura of beauty that permeates from her soul. Marin has beautiful green eyes and is always jubilant and singing songs. She seems to have an eclectic knowledge on life and its mysteries. Marin and Esperanza both dream of living a better life. Marin also tries to dress nicely in hopes of attracting a rich husband in Chicago. Marin is in a way similar to Esperanza's grandmother because she is stern and obdurate. She isn't afraid and is extremely opinionated.
             Those who don't.
             In this chapter, Esperanza is bewildered and wonders why people who enter her neighborhood are terrified of being mugged or murdered. She learns about racism and its impact on the people in her neighborhood.

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