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The house on the mango street

            In this story, the author indicates the point where her family move into a house which her family doesn't have to pay for the rent and doesn't have to share the yard with any body but it turns out that the author doesn't expect such a house. Her family is really pretty poor in term of unwealthy. They used to live on Loomis before moving to Mango Street and before that her family lived on Keeler and before Keeler it was Paulina and before that she could not remember. The house on the Loomis Street was in a poor condition, the water pipes broke so the family had to use the washroom next door and carry water over in the empty milk gallon. As the author describes the house on Mango Street she is very disappointed. The house on Mango Street is very tiny that it fits her whole family into one bed room. So the conditions of the house on Mango Street are just a little better than the one on Loomis. In the author's mind she expects a house in which fully comfort herself and not thinking about how her parents could afford it. She is unhappy when showing a nun the house on Mango Street with wooden bars nailed on the window instead of glasses. The nun seems to make Sandra feels like nothing, totally emptiness about her house. In the end, she blames her parents for not having a real house but a place which she thinks is not a house.
             To me, I suppose Sandra is just too young to understand about her parents having problem with family's economy. At her age, it is understandable that it really a shame for having a house which is not a house as she expects. She wants to be normal like other people around her. So, I think she is not asking a lot from her parents. My parents for example, they want me to live in a good place so that I can grown up to be somewhat a better person. It is not hard to have a house but it is hard not to understand your children's problem when they have friends who like to mock and laugh at them for not being normal.

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