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The House On Mango Street

            The book I read was The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The House on Mango Street is a book about culture of Chicanos, also known as Mexican Americans. .
             It is about a girl named Esperanza who moves into a new house on Mango Street. Before she moved to Mango Street she lived on Loomis on the third floor and before that house she lived on Keeler. The difference about the house on Mango Street and the ones before are that they don't have to pay rent, there is no land lord bugging them for being loud. They also don't have to share a the yard with the people downstairs because no one lives down stairs it's there house. .
             The house on Mango Street is not what Esperanza thought they would get. The House Esperanza wants, is a house with running pipes, stairs and real hall ways, at least three bathrooms, so you would not have to tell every one when you needed to use the bathroom. .
             She is kind of upset because the house on Mango Street is not what she expected. She thought it was going to be a nice house in a good neighborhood. She is embarrassed about the house she lives in, the family always had to share rooms. The house on Mango Street was not what she wanted, but is what she could get. .
             Esperenza has two brothers and one sister. The boys are named Carlos and Kiki and her sister name is Nenny. The brothers are best friends to each other.
             Esperenza Cordero, is named after her grandmother they are both horse women, because they were both born in the Chinese year of the horse. Which is bad for Esperanza because the Mexicans don't like their women to be strong. .
             Esperenza just got two new friends for five dollars because they all put in money to buy a bike. They each put in five dollars, which Esperanza took from her sister Nenny.
             She makes better friends with Lucy and Rachel because they all have a bike together. .
             People from out side the neighborhood walk in the neighborhood scared because they think Mango Street is a dangerous block and some one will hurt them just because there are a lot of Mexicans they think badly about the neighborhood.

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