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Building a Mentally Healthy Workplace

            Mentally healthy workplaces should be optimistic and beneficial, and maximize the skills and talents of its employees to be productive. Nurses who are mentally healthy and well supported by their team, leaders and organization have been proven to be more productive and less likely to take absenteeism. In the recent years, there has been a growing awareness on the psychosocial work setting of health care workers – amongst of which are nurses (Golubic et al. 2009). Nurses are prone to risk factors and become victims of occupational mental health problems on individual, team and organizational levels. This essay would breakdown the detrimental effects of unhealthy working environment to nurses' mental well-­-being and output and on the other hand, promotion of personal resilience and promoting protective factors at an organizational level in building resilience as coping strategies in promoting and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace.
             It has been proven that mental stress in the workplace can have detrimental values on the quality of nursing care and patient well-­-being (Wand 2011). Nurses having extremely demanding profession need to have job control and access professional support and resources to be able to minimize the risk of mental health issues and cope with the demands (Cho et al. 2014). Workplace resources and professional support that balance the demand will help to decrease on mental impact (Magnago et al. 2010). Demands can be efficiently managed on par with abundance of resources and its level type to employees (Bakker & Sanz-­- Vergel 2013). Essential job characteristics like, demand, control and support in the workplace affect the employees' health (Trybou et al. 2014). Study shows and implements that acknowledging a positive friendly environment with adequate support and control of job demand minimized occupational stress and reduced absenteeism (Trybou et al.

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