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Team Dynamics

             Teams are particularly good at combining talents and providing innovative .
             In cases where there is no well established .
             approach or procedure, the wider skill and knowledge set of the team has a .
             distinct advantage over that of the individual; the collective acts in a more .
             objective manner, despite the fact that individual members in the team may have .
             their own set opinions. .
             Furthermore, a team can be seen as a self-managing unit. The range of skills .
             provided by its members and the self-monitoring which each team performs .
             makes it a reasonably safe recipient for delegated responsibility. Even if a .
             problem could be decided by one person, there are two main benefits in .
             involving the people who will carry out the decision.
             First, the motivational aspect of participating in the decision will clearly enhance .
             its implementation. Second, there may well be factors that the implementer .
             understands better than the single person who could supposedly have decided .
             More indirectly, if the lowest ranks of the workforce each become trained, .
             through participation in team decision making, thereby understanding the .
             companies" objectives and work practices, then each will be better able to solve .
             work-related problems in general.
             Team Dynamics 3.
             Team Dynamics.
             Teams are formed in order to accomplish a set of goals and must therefore be in the forefront of all team members" minds at all times. This provides focus, purpose and direction to a project.
             Another important skill is in recognizing that the team represents a unique set of individuals with different knowledge, background and attributes. Understanding that everyone on a team is different is an important step toward building an effective team. Just as a basketball team has players who are good outside shooters and players who are good at rebounding, project teams will have people who are good programmers and people who are good at hardware.

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