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Argumentative Essay: Should Those With Disabilities Work?

            Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: Should Those With Developmental Disabilities Be Able to Work (dyslexia, autism, blindness, deafness, down syndrome, etc.)? Discrimination of all types is a problem society faces each day. The most upsetting form of discrimination exists amid the disabled. Today, people who suffer from disabilities are wrongly stereotyped and judged because of their impairments. Since those who are developmentally disabled present behaviors that society considers to be abnormal and possibly dangerous, they are an easier target to discriminate against. Though this has been allowed and going on historically, the issue is raised here. If someone has a mental or developmental disability, they should not be discriminated against when applying for a job. .
             For a person to be considered disabled, he or she must have the signs of impairment, either physical or mental, with great disadvantageous and long-term effects on their ability to carry out normal everyday activities. Mental disability is a medical condition that obstructs someone's thinking. Conditions such as dyslexia and autism are classified as metal disabilities. Developmental disability is a variety of severe chronic conditions that are the cause of mental or physical impairments. Conditions such as blindness, deafness, and down syndrome are classified as developmental disabilities.
             While people with disabilities attain the skills to benefit occupations, they yet encounter difficulties finding work. "Finding equal opportunity in the work place is a a big challenge" says students at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf in Rochester, New York. Developmentally disabled people are seen as being dangerous, "odd," or "unusual" due to their mental and physical behavior, which is why such social organizations exclude those victims, to be able to maintain the status of secure leadership. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, and mockery within society have not only been practiced by what we typically familiarize young kids and teens for, but have also been ignored, allowed, and portrayed through adults.

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