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Bullying in Schools

             Bullying has been an issue in public schools for many years. Students begin to be no longer concerned with their own success in class, but rather how somebody is going to affect them negatively. Bullying goes beyond what happens at school; it follows students throughout their everyday lives and can ultimately lead to unfortunate cases of suicide. Many parents and teachers are reaching out to students to prevent bullying and its repercussions. Students in public schools today have to deal with the threat of being bullied by another student. Bullying is very common and happens between students in school every day. Bullying can be span from name calling to physical abuse all the way to cyber bullying. Regardless of what form a person decides to take to make another person feel smaller, bullying should be prevented. The effects of bullying can be severe to the victims and offenders of bullying and can often be prevented. Schools have started policies and programs in order to inform students about bullying and how serious cases of bullying can really get. Though there are preventative measures towards bullying, it is still a problem in schools today.
             Bullying can be defined in its own way from person to person depending on how strongly the person feels about what was done to the victim of bullying. Bullying can be a wide range of acts of aggressive behavior to another person, but can be something as simple as two students calling each other names. "A considerable body of research has been conducted on traditional bullying, defined as aggressive behavior or intentional ' 'harm doing'' by one person or a group, generally carried out repeatedly and over time, and which involves a power differential." (Hinduja) When a person is bullying somebody else, they want to feel powerful and will pick victims that are easy targets, victims that won't typically fight back. These "bullies" often suffer from low self-esteem and counselors at the schools can address this problem by talking to both the bullies and the victims about their self-esteem.

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