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The Bullying Epidemic

            Bullying is a problem that is not specific to any age gender or color. Everyone has been bullied before in their lifetime, and most will admit it that it's not very fun. A few decades ago, bullying meant stealing someone's lunch money or spreading a stupid rumor around the school. Getting a note taped to your back was about the extent of it. Bullying back then was face to face, all the bullying went down in front of you. Now we have the beloved internet to do the bullying for us. Posting rumors, pictures, or insults about someone is easy to do over the internet. The internet masks you and turns you into something you are not, making bullying a much bigger problem than it used to be. Bullying these days should be made a big issue because the internet makes it is too easy, too hostile, and too brutally common.
             The current methods of bullying are extreme due to the internet. Before social media, bullies would spread a rumor about you to about fifty other people, the bully was capable of making fifty people taunt you an make you feel insecure. Fifty isnt all that bad if you compare it to the massive audience on the internet. Once a rumor or picture is posted on the internet, it spreads like wildfire. If you think the pressure of having around fifty students pick on you would be tough, imagine how you would feel having hundreds or thousands of people tormenting you. Cyber bullying is currently a major problem in our society especially because people cannot escape it, it follows you everywhere. In the old days, you were bullied at school or work, and when you came home you were free of it. You had a sense of relief knowing it was over for the day. Now, the bullying is inescapable. It happens 24/7, 365 days a year. It is too ridicoulously easy to bully over the internet. Bullying over the internet does not come with the guilt and liability that it should. Instead it puts double the pressure on the bully victims, and this pressure does not have good results.

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