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Violence and Aggression in Schools

            Violence is an extreme form of aggression intended to hurt someone or something. There are five risks of violence such as poverty, family violence, exposure to media violence, availability of weapons, drug abuse, and membership in gangs. Violence has several costs related to it these are the cost to the victim, the cost to the assailant which is the person who physically attacks another person, and the cost to the society or community as a whole. Common school violence have to deal with harassment and the use of weapons in schools. These two share a relationship among each other, which is students who use weapons at school often are acting on the rage they feel as victims of harassment. Harassment is an unwanted remark or action that causes a person emotional or physical harm. For instance, one act of harassment is bullying. Bullying is a great epidemic that has been in schools for a long time now, it threatens students physically, emotionally, and takes away their sense of safety at school. Bullying impacts students in various ways it impacts their ability to learn, it effects their health well-being forming physical symptoms to them like depression, the students lose often times lose confidence in themselves, and sink into having suicidal thoughts. .
             Reducing the harassment of bullying needs to be dealt with in an effective way in order to protect the students and bring up their confidence along with their ability to focus on their education because the children are our future so we should do anything we can in our power to protect them. Sequentially to do this we must find a way to reduce bullying and from there go on to end bullying so that it is obsolete. One way to do this is by having bystanders to get involved instead of just watching and looking on. Also the school coming together to take on the topic instead of leaving the kids who are going through problems with harassment to go through it alone; Instead give them a safe place where they can feel accepted and express their feelings.

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