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Violence in Sports

            Over the years, there have been many cases involving violence in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The majority of violent acts committed by professional basketball players are done so with anger and intent.
             A few years ago, Tony Limon was part of a jaw-dropping incident. Limon and his team were losing their championship game when his frustration began to build. With a few seconds left in the game, Limon walked over to his opponent, Dwayne Holmes, and elbowed him in the face (DiConsiglio 1). Holmes had become to victim of intentional sports violence. Appropriately, Limon was suspended from the team, and later that year he faced the NBA's discipline for his actions toward Holmes; he was charged with aggravated assault. .
             Much like Holmes, I was on the receiving end of sports violence when I was attacked by an opponent during a basketball game in my freshman year of high school. My injury was serious.
             My team and I were playing in an intense game against St. Micheal's High School. One of their players became angry and elbowed me in the face, knocking me out cold. But unlike Tony Limon, who was penalized for his irrational actions, the offending student from St. Micheal's walked away from the game without penalty - and in fact, his team took the game. .
             True athletes know that violence can be a game changer that comes with penalties. Those who are not willing to suffer the consequences turn to aggression in order to be the best they can be. LeBron James is the perfect example of an aggressive player. Not once in the news has anyone heard about James committing intentional fouls or playing what they call "dirty ball." As I have watched LeBron James over the years, I have noticed that majority of NBA players are out to compete with him. On March 27,2013, the Chicago Bulls played the Miami Heat. Throughout the entire game the Bulls were taking shots at LeBron. James had been thrown to the ground intentionally, wrapped around the neck and even ran into.

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