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The Harmful Effects of Media Violence

            The Harmful Effects of Media Violence On Children.
             Television and movies affect and alter children's behavior. Actions taken by celebrities, whether it be an actor in a movie, a sports star, or a weather man on the news, affect and influence children who view and monitor their behavior and actions. Actors and others associated with the media act as role models for children (Ganz 1). Children will mimic their behavior whether it is positive or not. Another problem is not just the actors, but also the violent types of movies that they are in. Films, which contain a lot of violence, encourage violent behavior and promote that violence is acceptable in everyday life (The Effects 2). These violent movies are being shown on television when children are likely to be watching, which is a major problem that needs to be addressed. Commercials for violent movies are also being shown at times when children are most often watching television. This gives them a taste of the violence and stimulates them to see more. .
             The fact is, sports stars, actors, politicians, and others in the eye of the public have plenty of opportunities to send all sorts of messages to their audiences. These audiences include teens and kids who admire athletic heroes, and popular actors, and think of them as role models (Ganz 2). American culture is fascinated with celebrities and their personal lives, and as a result, famous people end up seeming very important (Ganz 1). We tend to focus on celebrities" faults and may pay no attention to good they have done as well. The media over exposes the lives of children's role models; and as a result they mimic what they hear and see without knowing of right and wrong (Some Things 1). This happens because children and teens feel that if it is okay for celebrities to do what they do, then it is alright for them to do it as well. In a recent survey Kate Green, age 12, stated that she knows people who think that it's alright to do what their favorite celebrity does (Study: Movies 3).

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