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Violence in Sprots

             Sports in this day and age contain a lot of violence, there are a few main sports that contain a lot of violence. Football for one, is known for its exhilarating tackles, disturbing injuries and for being an all around good game. Rugby, is an league of its own, the sport is sully based on the element of violence. Hockey, another high contact sport contains a lot of hitting, checking, fighting, and almost anything else in regards to that genre that comes to mind. To comment on this, an excess of violence is somewhat bad and can also be dangerous. Realistically, people who play these high contact sports have a choice, they really don't have to play the sport if feelings are so strong against the violence. The sports are designed to contain this contact or violence, basically if you do not like it, do not play them. .
             Football, one could say contains the least amount of excess violence, the referees crack down on inappropriate conduct like; swearing, face masks, poor sportsmanship, improper tackles, etc. Football does contain a exorbitant amount of violence, though this is how the sport was designed and would not be football without it. Still, some people feel that football contains a lot of violence or to much. Thankfully a solution has come into finding. If violence is a problem, and you disagree with it, simply you don't have to play the sport, you can just watch it on television, still if that's to extreme for you change the channel.
             When it comes to violence in sports, rugby takes it all. The sport of rugby is based on violence, no equipment is used and the sport thrives on contact. There is no chance contact can be taken out or even reduced in this sport. If you can play this sport, your once tough cookie.
             Hockey contains somewhat less contact then rugby and football, though the violence aspect is higher. Fights occur frequently which sends players hurt, also high sticking, pushing from behind, and tripping increase the violence and also danger of the sport.

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