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Domestic Violence

            Domestic Violence is defined as "violent behavior committed by one intimate partner against another. It can be physical, sexual, or psychological with the primary purpose to control, dominate, or hurt the other partner in the relationship" (Fitzgerald, et all, 1998). Domestic abuse does not only occur with women, however women are the most apparent cases, therefore this paper will discuss this matter only in terms of abuse against women. It has been shown in statistics that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States, with some cases resulting in the death of women. In the past domestic violence in the workplace was considered taboo, no one wanted to get involved in the private matter. However, there are many negative effects that abuse puts on the workplace, such as loss of productivity from the victim. It might not be everyone's business to say something to the victim, however it is important to show support and address an issue if you see the employee slipping at work. There are many options available to companies when it arises when a partner is possibly abusing employee. This paper will discuss the options made available to corporations concerning the prevention of domestic violence and the protection of its victims.
             A woman who is being abused by her partner can walk away from them; they can move out of the house. However, it is not as easy for a woman to leave her job because she needs the money. This means that the woman is spending at least eight hours a day at her workplace; this also means that the abuser knows for eight hours a day where he can locate her. This man can serve as a potential threat to the work environment because he could possibly act out at the workplace. If someone suspects that a co-worker is being abused and chooses to ignore the issue then the results could be more damaging that letting it remain a private matter. The victim could lose their life and this results in absolute emotional devastation arising from the employees.

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