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Violence in Sports

             violence in Sports .
             Sports and Violence has been a way of life throughout human existence. Humans have been biding themselves, their emotions, and animals against one another for centuries. From the Roman gladiators to today's modern sporting events, brutality is prevulat in the more popular sports of today, but are govern with rules and penalties to inforce those regulations.
             Sports can be divided into two categories contact, and noncontact. Sports such as football, hockey, wrestling, rugby and other contact sports are placed in the violent category. Noncontact sports such as baseball, basketball, horseracing, golf, and cycling are placed in the nonviolent category. Some sports considered noncontact have a tendency to be violent. .
             Contact sports have degrees of violence and emotion in them. In a football game the degree of brutality is not as severe as other popular sports. Players hurl their bodies at each other, during a game for seconds at a time with stoppages in play. Although they"re bodies colloid, the carnage is mild due to the protective gear and rules of the game. If players gets out of control penalties are levied against the team. .
             Hockey with its more continuos play, holds a higher level of violence. Combatants constantly throw themselves at their opponent to knock them down to the ice or to pen them against the wall. Also contact with the use of the hockey sticks, the puck, and Fighting is common during a game, which has often lead blood shed during the event. When an infraction occurs, the team and player are penalized with the player spending time in the penalty box. .
             With a high level of brutality, professional wrestling is at the top of the list. With its continuos violence, wrestling leads the sporting world.

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